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Hey guys and gals! This is Shayna, Owner and Hair Guru at House of Imago. It's Thursday, typically a busy day at the salon but, due to COVID, we are closed until further notice. The mandatory break and the new year has me feeling rested and reflective. How can I best use this time? How can I improve? What manageable goals should I set?

While on a walk I was thinking about what I most enjoy about my career as a Hairstylist and Salon Owner. It isn't hair, or beauty, or even the fashion industry; it is making people feel fabulous, not just from the neck up, but to their very core.

After 20 years in the beauty industry it is clear to me that a big smile and a confident attitude are what make people attractive.When I am finished with a client I always ask, "How does that feel?" as opposed to "How does that look?" because it is only when we feel good that we look our best. So, while the salon is closed I would like to continue to do my favorite thing - make you feel good - by sharing what delights me and giving you a space to share your stories.

To kick things off I would like to begin with a podcast that inspired me, This American Life: The Show of Delights

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