El Nino Proof Your Hair

El Nino is here, with no signs of letting up. Blow drying your hair on a rainy day is futile. Here are step by step instructions on how to encourage your waves and curls and embrace your natural texture. Follow these steps for lusterous frizz free locks!

1) Rinse (don't shampoo) your hair and condition as usual. The natural oils at the scalp will prevent fly aways and frizz as well add luster.

2) Squeeze DO NOT SCRUNCH!!! your hair. I like to use a microfiber towel or T-Shirt so as to not roughen up my wave. Flip your head over, start at the scalp and squeeze out the excess wather. Be sure to keep your waves in locks, scrunching breaks up the curl and causes frizz.

3) Apply product. I love to use Sea Salt Spray and Body Me by OSIS. Flip hair over again and use the same squeezing motion from scalp to ends to apply product starting at the nape of the neck.

4a) Use a difusser. This step is not nessary but can add volume and speed up the process. Be careful not to split apart your locks. Use low air speed and go slowly. Leave the disfusser in one spot, alternating between hot and cold air until the looks dry but is cool to the touch.

4b) Leave it be. No seriously. This is the hardest part!!! Your has MUST be 100% dry before you touch it. If it's cool to the touch it is still wet. Wait!

5) Shake it out. Once you hair is truly dry flip your air over and give it a light shake at the roots.

6) Trouble shoot... I always have one or two peices that didn't want to join the party. If this happens to you braid or twist the rouge pieces and leave for 20 minutes. That should knock some sense into them!

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