Mom was right! You need your Beauty Sleep!

We all know that sleep is important, but it turns out that when your mom tells you to "be sure to get your beauty sleep" she knows what she is talking about. When you sleep something magical happens... The Melatonin Fairy Visits!

Melatonin, aka "the sleep hormone," is you skins best friend! It is the driving force behind your skin's repair cycle. While your mind rests, your body releases melaton fairies that feverishly work to heal and repair your skin from all the environmental damage it endured during the day. While in deep sleep collagen and elastin producing cells regenerate faster resulting in tighter and stronger skin over time. Bye bye sun spots and fine lines, hello tighter skin!You don't need that facelift! You just need a nap!

And that's not all! While your body is making more Melatonin it is making much less of the "stress hormone" Cortisol which is the same hormone that speeds up the aging process by causing the skin to thin and become discolored. So this holiday season stay calm and sleep on! And if you can't do that then call the estheticians at House of Imago. Their facial treatments will bring your skin back to life and while they are working hard you can relax and take a power nap!

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